Machine stains or speckled laundry, fresh out of the machine

If your laundry regularly leaves the washing machine full of small brown stains, there are two possible: either your machine is dirty or something’s wrong with your fabric softener.

Cleaning a dirty washing machine
Sometimes dirt accumulates between the seal and the drum of the washing machine.
You should regularly check for dirt by gently peeling by hand the seal of the drum so as to not damage it.
If there is dirt, remove most of it with a sponge or a dry cloth, and then remove the residue with one (or more!) ear buds.
To complete the cleaning of the machine, pour 4 litres of white vinegar and start a complete cycle on a high temperature.

Do not overfill the machine dispenser with liquid detergent.
Half is enough!
Too much detergent clogs up the machine!

Avoiding fabric softeners stains on the laundry
Liquid fabric softeners can cause stains when in contact with clothes and linen.
It is therefore important not to use softeners but to dilute it well in the washing bath before placing the laundry in the twin tub or, in an automatic washing machine, to pour the softener into the dispenser and not directly into the drum.

Removing washing machine stains
Remove stains caused by dirt in the machine and fabric softener stains, thoroughly lather these with soap.
Rinse and repeat if necessary 4 or 5 times.
For the stains to disappear, it is necessary that the foam be very abundant.

Replace softener or conditioner
Replace your fabric softener in the washing machine with a glass of white vinegar. It’s cheaper and the clothes will come out just as soft.

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