How to remove pen or ink stains from a clothing or a carpet

Removing an ink stain from a clothing (Trousers, skirt, jacket, sweater or shirt, etc …) or a carpet
Which removal agent will dissolve the ink? How can you avoid embedding the stain forever? Sometimes trying to remove an ink stain only makes matters worse.

On delicate fabrics, rub the stain with glycerine. Leave it for half an hour. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
If this does not remove the ink stain, try soaking it in milk. If the stain persists, place a slice of fresh tomato on it. The tomato will absorb the ink. Then wash the garment.
Lemon juice with added salt also removes ink stains, as does toothpaste.

On white or colourfast cottons, surgical spirit removes ink stains.

On coloured cotton fabrics, water mixed with vinegar also gives satisfactory results.
Hairspray can dilute the ink. Apply hairspray then dab with brown paper immediately. Repeat until the stain completely disappears.

Although great on wool, surgical spirit should not be used on man-made fibres.

On synthetic fibres immediately dab the stained area with lemon juice, then rinse.

On stained silk, apply a cloth soaked in a mixture of one volume of methylated spirits to two of cold water.

On cotton or linen fabrics, you can get very good results by pouring heated lemon juice, or hot (not boiling) milk, onto the stained areas. When the cloth is thoroughly soaked, rub then wash with soap and rinse.

Coloured ink stains on clothes or fabric :
Red ink stains or coloured ink stains will fade if you apply a thick layer of mustard. Let stand an hour or two. Wipe and rinse.

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