Removing Tipp-Ex® (correction fluid) stains

Correction fluid is useful, but can also stain your clothes.
Here some tricks to remove it.

First, remove as much as you can of the dry Tipp-Ex® stain with your nail or the edge of a spoon. Then, moisten the back of the stained fabric with turpentine and finally wash with a mixture of water, washing up liquid and one teaspoon of ammonia.

You can also dissolve the Tipp-Ex® by dabbing it with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits, acetone or a lemon based stain remover.

Before proceeding, test these methods on a hidden part of the cloth or garment, such as a hem.

Remove extremely stubborn stains
Remove these stains by dabbing them with a clean cloth dampened with hot water (one cup) mixed with 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Soak the garment in cold water, remove it and rub the stain with baking soda. Soak the garment again for a good hour. Rub the stain again. Rinse.

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4 Responses to Removing Tipp-Ex® (correction fluid) stains

  1. Arlene says:

    I have a tippex stain on the front of my brown leather chair in my lounge can you please advise me how to remove it

    • Claudine says:

      Hi Arlene,

      I already answered Abby the same question, but here is a more secure trick (so as not to spoil your leather), still making use of white spirit :

      put some make-up remover on cotton wool, add a few drops of white spirit or lemon -based stain remover and delicately dab the stain with it.

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  2. abby says:

    I meSsed tippex on a leather couch and does not want to come off with acetone or anything..hw can I remove it??

    • Claudine says:

      Hi Abby,

      You can try to remove your Tipp-Ex stain with white spirit (do not forget to try on a hidden part before).

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