Removal of carrot stains on baby clothing

Mashed carrots are part of baby food and therefore part of baby stains ! It is highly recommended to know how to remove carrot stains if you have a young child.

On white cotton fabric, remove the stain by dabbing it with a cloth soaked in surgical spirit, then rinse once with a bleach solution and a second time with water.

On a fragile fabric, remove the stain with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits or water mixed with ammonia.

Caution : Baby’s skin is sensitive!
To prevent irritations or allergies, use only mild fabric washing powder and don’t add fabric softeners.

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  1. Nickolas Cummings says:

    [Nicolas’s advice – not tested by Claudine]
    To remove spots of blood from clothing, use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide — the kind you find in the first-aid section of the store. Soak the stain with the peroxide, use your fingernail or the blade of a butter knife to help loosen and scrape away the blood, then rinse it away with more hydrogen peroxide. In most cases, you’ll have better luck removing stains — especially blood stains — if you treat them immediately after they happen, before the stains have a chance to dry.

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