Removing a grass stain

Always useful to know how to remove a grass stain when you got young children or an athletic husband. Green spots are not always that classy. Depending on the fabric here lies our advice to try and get rid of it.

Soak the stained area with white vinegar. Leave it to act. Rinse.

If the grass stain persists, dab it with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits slightly diluted. Rinse. Then wash with soap and rinse again.

On white cotton fabric: Rub the stain with a cloth moistened with lemon juice and then rinse.

On fragile cloth: use methylated spirits or ammonia water.

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  1. Aurora Faulkner says:

    Use cold water. Hot water will only set the stains and make them nearly impossible to remove. The pre-soaking techniques will usually take care of stains. Inspect the uniform before you put it into wash and treat any remaining stains with a pre-treater or by rubbing in extra detergent.

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