How to remove blood stains

Removing blood stains is difficult, but if the stain is fresh it can be removed by diluting it in cold water: never use hot water as hot water might fix the blood.

Remove a fresh blood stain

To remove blood stains, hydrogen peroxide works well.

Saline solutions are also very good at removing a blood stain. Remember to rinse the ammonia off once the stain is removed.

Blood stains can also be removed by applying a mixture of water and talcum powder or flour.
Leave to dry for an hour or until dry, and then brush the crust that has formed.

If these products have little effect, dab the stain with a cloth dampened with diluted ammonia (caution: see Saliva Stains) and then possibly with hydrogen peroxide.

When using ammonia, open your windows wide and avoid breathing in the fumes.
If possible, wear respiratory protection.

On a silk cloth, wipe the blood stains with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits.

To remove old blood stains:

Water and baking soda is better. Do not forget to rinse immediately.

You can also dab the stain with a cloth dampened with tartaric acid (or cream of tartar, which is twice as weak).
Peroxide also gives good results. Remember to rinse the stained area after.

You can also dilute some aspirin in water and wet the stain with the mixture. Wait half an hour and then wash.

A mixture of starch and vinegar also gives good results.
Rub the stain with a paste of water and powdered starch, and then pour peroxide on the stain.

Grandmother tips to remove blood stains
Dampen the blood stain with cold water; place it on a hard surface, then rub gently with the ring of an iron key

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