How to remove glue stains

Generally speaking,
After removing as much of the glue as you can with a spoon or a spatula, dab with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits, a manufacturer-recommended solvent or acetone.

You can also initially, soak the stain with white vinegar, and then wipe with a cloth moistened with warm water.

Immediate intervention, before glue dries, makes it easier to remove glue stains

Removing stains of a particular glue:

White glue:
Wet the white glue stain with hot water, dab with a cloth dampened with hot white vinegar. Rinse.

Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate glues
Dab the glue stain with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.

Epoxy glue
Do not use a stain remover. Remove the bulk of the stain by scraping with a fingernail or by rubbing the fabric. Then wash with hot soapy water.

Wood glue or Carpenter’s glue
Remove the wood glue stain with warm water and soap. Rinse & dry.

Neoprene glue
Blot the neoprene glue stain with a cloth soaked in acetone, then wash.

Polyurethane glue
Scrape the polyurethane glue stain with a nail or rub the fabric, if that does not work, dab with a cloth dampened with acetone.

Vinyl or acrylic glue or adhesive
There is no need to use any product, just gently scrape the glue with your fingernail or rub the fabric.

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