The 12 golden rules of stain removal

Would you like to remove any stain?


Caution: read this carefully before attempting to remove any stain !

1- First, check the fabric will not be damaged by the removal agent.
Some stain removal agents might damage the fibre, others might make the colours of your carpet, cloth or garment run Before using a removal agent , it is strongly recommended to test the agent on a discreet part of the cloth, garment or carpet by dabbing some on a clean cloth dampened with the removal agent. If the fabric becomes damaged, or if the cleaning cloth absorbs the fabric’s colour, dilute the removal agent accordingly.

2- Act as soon as possible.
If the stain is fresh, a cloth dampened with mineral water will remove most stains, especially on fabrics which have been pre-treated with a stain preventing agent. It’s important to know that the older the stain, the more difficult it will be to remove.

3- Remove all dust before attempting to remove a stain.
Attempting to clean a stained garment, sofa or carpet without removing the dust first will leave a residue.

4- Accidents happen !
We recommend protecting anything near the stain to be removed

5- Do not pour the full content of the stain removal bottle on a stain!
Always pour a small quantity on a clean white cloth. On leather, use only removal agents in a powder or aerosol form, and certain rust removers.

6- Dab!
With a clean white cloth, dab the stain with the removal agent, working around the stain in ever smaller circles

If a child or an adult has swallowed a solvent or stain removal agent
First identify the agent, find the container or tin it came in, and seek immediate medical advice. Then, place the victim on his or her side, if unconscious, in case of vomiting.

Do not induce vomiting. Check with medical personnel before allowing the victim to drink milk or water to drink.

7- Do not rub a liquid stain.
Absorb the stain carefully, without spreading it, without spreading it, with a sponge, brown paper or a clean cloth.

8- Scrape the stain
If the stain is thick, pasty or solid, first scrape the stain gently with a spatula or the edge of a spoon, and after, and only after, dab the stain with water or the appropriate removal agent. Never use a knife blade which might damage the fabric or support.

9- When removing a stain
Place an absorbent cloth or towel beneath the stained area

10- Most removal agents have detailed instructions.
Read them carefully!

Some removal agents are so volatile (evaporate easily) that a simple spark can cause an explosion. Other removal agents can be extremely strong and must be used with extreme caution . Use only in small doses, wear rubber gloves at all times, and, most importantly, never mix chemical products or solvents. Be aware that mixing bleach and ammonia instantly produces a deadly gas.

11- Once the stain is removed,
Carefully rinse and blot
the stained area to eliminate the removal agent.

12- Last tip
Use cold or lukewarm water! Hot water will fix dirt, and so will also fix stains .

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