Removing a grease stain from clothing

How to remove a grease stain on a shirt, trousers, a dress, a tie, askirt, a jacket …

Have you just made a grease stain on clothes or fabric?
Immediately sprinkle talcum powder or flour on the stain.
When the flour or talcum powder has totally absorbed the grease stain, dust off the garment or fabric.

On white or colourfast cotton clothing, remove the grease stain with a cloth soaked in benzene or ammonia. Remember to place a brown paper or a clean cloth under the fabric.

On colour fabric, remove the grease stain with a cloth soaked in slightly diluted ammonia.
The ammonia might damage the cloth, so it’s important to dilute carefully and to test the mixture by dipping an ear bud in the solution and trying the concentration on a hidden part of the cloth/garment.
If the ear bud is tinted by the fabric, or the fabric is damaged, dilute the ammonia further.

You can also scrub the grease stain with slightly moist bio soap to form a sort of crust.
Let stand an hour and then lather and rinse.

You can also place brown paper on the stain, and apply a very hot iron. The paper will absorb the grease.

On a delicate fabric, it is best to sprinkle the stain with talcum powder, cover with brown paper and then apply an iron on a lower heat. Repeat until the stain completely disappears.

For grease stains on leather, please read the article How to remove grease stains on leather

Never launder a fabric or a garment stained with oil. Always remove the stain before laundering.

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