Remove small dye or run stains from clothing or bed linen

Ways of removing small dye or run stains on fabric are different from ways of recovering from a run.

Dip a clean, white cloth in a bleach solution, wring the cloth so it does not drip on the fabric.
Carefully dab the colour stains with the bleached cloth. Avoid dabbing the cloth around the stain.
Proceed in small touches, but quickly: a few seconds should do the trick.

Even if the coloured stains have not disappeared completely, rinse as quickly as possible, using a damp cloth, proceeding in the same way, with gentle touches.
It is better to repeat this process several times than to damage the garment.

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3 Responses to Remove small dye or run stains from clothing or bed linen

  1. Rhia says:

    Hi – my water bottle leaked in my handbag, causing the leather dye to run all over a favourite cotton skirt. I have it soaking in a bucket of cold, soapy water. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Claudine says:

      Hi Rhia, an other possibility could be to try the same method as for removing ink stains on clothing.

      • Rhia says:

        Hi Claudine,
        Thanks for your reply. I didn’t try the bleach (was a bit frightened as the stain is quite a large area – about 30 x 20 cms), however, I had great success soaking it with Napisan, with Sard Wonder Stick rubbed directly on the disaster zone. The stain has faded so much that I can’t see it at all in my laundry light (we’ll see how it looks in sunlight tomorrow morning). I think it will be ok 🙂

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