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In these Terms of Service, “we” or “us” means the webmasters and/or owners of “Stains and Spots” website (“the website” or “our website”, url : http://stains-and-spots.com/), whereas “you”, “visitor”, “user” and so on means anybody else who accesses the website.

Access to and consultation of the website

We grant you access to and consultation of our website only under condition that you fully agree to all terms and conditions hereafter without any exception.
Hardware, software and internet connection costs that are necessary in order to access our website and deriving taxes are all to be paid by you.

Contents of the website

Our website displays tips and tricks we felt useful for removing stains.
Our articles are provided on the website just for information : we do not pretend that their contents are exact nor complete and give no guarantee, explicit nor implicit, that using our tips you will be able to fully remove your stain, nor that no harm will derive to the material you try to clean. In any case, whatever the stain, no tip can guarantee this.
Each time you try to remove a stain, you have to test the tip on a hidden part or the stained material to evaluate the risk to harm it.
You acknowledge that you are totally free to consult any other necessary information outside our website in order to verify the accuracy of ours in case you would have to take whatever decision that should suite your needs.
You also agree that any consequence of such decisions for you or other people is your entire responsibility and commit yourself, in advance, not to prosecute the owners, managers and webmasters of our site for such prejudices.
In case you would have noticed an error on our website or if the contents of a site for wich we provide a link appears inappropriate to you, we thank you to inform us using the contact form.


You can comment articles.
Like any permission on our site, we can revoke this permission, without any notice nor liability.
Comments are moderated, nevertheless we do not pretend this moderation will be perfect and you remain fully responsible of your comments. That means that you will personnally be responsible for any dispute arising from your comments and commit yourself, in advance, to provide the owners, managers and webmasters of our site with full legal and financial support in case they would get involved in such disputes.
You grant us the royaly-free right to publish, use, copy, modify, distribute your comments worldwide without any time limitation.

Guarantee on the level of service

We do not give any guarantee for the access to our website
neither technical (server availability),
nor for access permissions : we reserve ourselves the right to deny you access to our website at any moment for any duration that suits us, without having to give you any information nor explanation about our decision.

Viruses, malwares, worms, trojan horses and so on

We installed protections against such threats. Nevertheless no technical solution provides full protection. You agree that you are fully and financially responsible for the safety of your hardware and software and for any contamination of other software and hardware you could have generated.

Personal information

Your name, ip and email address are only used in order to communicate with you about your websites.
They are not transferred to anybody else than our website’s webmaster.
We store them only as long as one of your comments is present on our site.
You can ask any moment for their suppression.

Links to other websites

We try as much as possible to display exact and freshly updated information.
Our website may link to other sites that have no relation with us and on the contents of which we have no control. It is impossible to consult nor to verify at any time the complete contents of these sites.
Therefore you agree that the owners, managers and webmasters of these sites are alone responsible for their contents and for possible prejudices you would suffer due to their consultation : in any case you accept to give us no responsibility at all in such cases.

Intellectual property

The whole stuff (text, photographs, ads) that is displayed on our website is either our property or the property of persons or companies that have granted us the right to use and, for some stuff, to modify it.
Brands and commercial names cited on our website are and remain the property of their respective owners.
You are only allowed to browse through the stuff that is on our website or to make one single local copy of it on your personal home computer for off-line consultation, provided this consultation is for private non-commercial use.
In any case, you have NO right at all to modify ANY part of this stuff, nor to extract parts of it (e.g. photos, text) whatever be the purpose of this operation.
Hyperlinks to our homepage are welcome ! Hyperlinks to our deeper pages too, given you do not put more than 10 on your site. In any case, NO PART NOR TITLE of our articles shall be reproduced, EVEN IF A DO-FOLLOW HYPERLINK to our website is present.


These Terms of Service may evolve along time without us having to inform you about. You are invited to consult them each time you access the website.
Titles of paragraphs of the Terms of Service are just for the ease of reading and do not hold any specific signification.
If any part of these Terms of Service is or becomes void, due to a law, the remaining parts of the Terms of Service will still remain valid and applicable.

These Terms of Service are ruled by French law.
Any dispute arising from them will be judged in French language in the district of Paris (France, 75), even in case of multiple defenders or urgent action.

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